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The customer/branch orders provide the database for production. The dough/raw material breakdown according to pre-dough, raw materials and other components is determined quantity by quantity from the order data and the item recipes. The item recipes can have multi-level structures: dough in parts lists. Important: all information about the production process can be viewed both on screens and in the form of lists. 
Baking on an hourly basis requires the constant provision of up-to-date information about items, types of dough, amounts of dough...
Use the advantages of PCBack Office in the bakery too. The information required for the production process is provided on the screen: products to be delivered from orders received from customers and branches. Derived from this: all required recipes, types of dough, amounts of dough, items related to the dough...

Daily production planning for customer orders and branches with PC use in the bakery

The daily orders provide the specifications for production planning and control. Recipe/dough management with complex structures: starter doughs, main doughs… refinement, decorations,…
1st screen: Dough production, all doughs and their calculated dough quantities are displayed on the screen

2nd screen: the recipe/predough for the selected dough is displayed on the screen

3rd screen: the articles for the selected dough, recipe/predough are displayed on the screen
The advantage: for daily order processing, all production data is determined and immediately displayed clearly on screens. The editor can switch back and forth between the screens. The production data can also be accessed as a report.

System Highlights

Various functions facilitate the production process of baked goods