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PCBack Office

is a complete software package specially designed for bakeries and confectionaries. The first DOS version was developed in 1985 for a large bakery. The further development of the system was determined in the following years by baking companies of different sizes and requirements. Today, PCBack Office is a modern ERP system that enables enterprise resource planning in the bakery. We deliver the right solution for family and small businesses in the bakery trade


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BSR Bäckerei Software Rumberg

Master baker Friedhelm Rumberg has been in charge of the PCBack system for many years: system implementation, user training, support. If you have any questions about PCBack Office, send us an email with your request or contact us directly


Mobile: 01512 1225435

The Rumberg Bäcker-Bistro in Bochum has been using the PCBack software package since 1986. The current version of PCBack Office supports order processing, production, sales, purchasing and invoicing

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Calculation of Articles and Doughs

PCBack Office offers powerful features to help you ! The calculation system for articles, doughs and pre-doughs can be individually adjusted to the needs of the bakery. It uses the master data for articles, raw materials, finished products, decorations, production times for the production of articles and doughs. Distribution and returns costs must be included. Cost recovery as a control element is shown. 
The Rye dough 90/10 consists of the sourdough level 3, which in turn contains the sourdough levels 1 and 2. The dough components/raw materials are listed with the required quantities and costs and taken into account in the article calculation.