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Dipl.-Math. Helmut Braun founded in 1984 the Company

BRAUN Software & Systems was founded in 1984. Developing PC solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as standard solutions was the primary concern. It was the time when personal computers were increasingly entering the data processing market in Germany, usually only with a word processor and a spreadsheet, such as Multiplan or Lotus. The operating system was called DOS. Our team specialized in industry solutions: foundries and bakeries. Focus on production planning and control. The DOS variants were called PCGuss and PCBack. Both products have been further developed in the years that followed. We are now talking about ERP systems: PCGuss 2000 and PCBack Office, Enterprise Resource Planning.

We consistently pursue in-house development in our software packages. In this way, we can offer our customers solutions that are precisely tailored to the company and have an optimal price/performance ratio.